Where Are You Now?

Share location information as a signature to your messages. There is no identification and there are no third party servers with your location data. Just share your location info on peer to peer model. For example, send email with your location to the target party. This mobile web mashup presents one of our Geo Messages solutions
How does it work?

1. Copy and bookmark on your phone this URL: http://wayn.linkstore.ru

You can use the following QR-code, for example:
QR code

2. Open this URL on your mobile. Mashup detects your location and shows it on the map:

screen 1 screen 2

3. You can move the red marker if you need

4. Click Share button. You will see a messaging client for your platform with pre-filled data fields. It contains a link to your location. You can add your own text and send your message.

5. Upon the receipt of this message, your addressee will see two markers: his own location and your shared location:

screen 3  

6. The receiver can click Share and reply his location to you. By the way, you can add email address for his reply right to this application. Just add a parameter e to the basic URL: http://watn.linkstore.ru?e=your_email_address
For example, type the email address below and get QR code for WAYN mashup with this email (we do not collect emails :)


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