Expert system for Wi-Fi access points

For business:

1. SpotEx lets you add messages to Wi-Fi networks. What can you do with it? Show your information to mobile users nearby your Wi-Fi hot spots. It is a new channel for communicating with mobile users.

2. You do not any special equipment. You can use existing Wi-Fi network or network (access point) created (opened) for SpotEx especially. And you can open Wi-Fi access point right on your own phone (Android, iPhone, Symbian)

3. Your potential users will see Wi-Fi networks nearby and get messages linked to them.

spotex     spotex

4. With SpotEx you can deliver for example:

  • coupons and discounts in the shops
  • announces in campus/business center
  • hyper-local news in smart city environment
  • your own personal news and data

5. For testing your messages you can download our application (Android). You can download SpotEx application right from Android market. On your Android mobile search for com.spotex in Market.

Alternatively, you can download this application right from our site. Here is QR-code for Android SpotEx client:

QR code test

Ready? add messages to your networks