Expert system for Wi-Fi access points

Short description:

SpotEx proposes a new model for delivering hyper-local data to mobile subscribers. Our model uses any exiting or especially created Wi-Fi hot spot as presence sensor that can open access for some user-generated content.

Spotex lets you add messages to Wi-Fi hot spots. So as soon as Wi-Fi access point is getting detected right on mobile phone all the associated messages could be delivered right to the phone. Wi-Fi proximity as a service.

Possible use cases are: deliver coupons/discounts info in the mall, deliver news in some business center, create and deliver personal news.

For example: you are walking through the mall and discovering special deals right on your mobile. You are walking down the street and browsing hyper-local news etc. And from the business point of view you do not need any special equipment for start. Your own smart phone is enough.

For business. Add messages to your Wi-Fi network and create a new channel for communicating with the visitors. Details >>

For consumer. You can open Wi-Fi access point right on your own phone and link some own messages to that network. Details >>

A new way for using Wi-Fi: it is a sensor that discovers hyper-local data for mobile users.

Here are our presentation from:

NGMAST-2011 conference: Context-aware mobile messages
LBS-2011 conference: About expert system for Wi-Fi access points
ICDT-2012 conference:Wi-Fi proximity and Context-aware Browsing
BCFIC-2012 conference:Proximity as a service

See also some announces in our blog.

And here you can see a "side" effect - WiFiChat application that introduces communications services (chat and discussions) for those who are nearby the same Wi-Fi hot spot.

Here you can see a simplified version of Spotex, prepared especially for retailers: In Mall Notes. Contact us for getting access.