Customized check-ins

For business:

1. Create a mobile web site with your offer (coupon, discount info, prize etc.). All the software you need is here. Just fill a simple form

2. Basically you need the following things for creating your mobile site:

  • your offer
  • text for publishing in the social network
  • response (confirmation) for the endorsement (coupon info, discount, prize etc.)

3. Create a site (web page) and QR code for it

4. Test this QR code and the whole process right from your desktop and/or mobile

5. Print QR code and use it on-site. Put is on the table, wall, product's wrap etc.

6. That is all. Ask your visitors/clients to scan this code for the reward. As soon as he/she scans your QR code and login to the network, your text is getting published in userís social circle (wall, timeline). As a confirmation for that user is getting the above-mentioned response (confirmation). This response (data on the mobile screen, mobile web page) could be presented to your staff and could be used for claiming benefits.

7. Create a new site (a new check-in procedure) for new product (offer etc.). See step 1 above.

Ready? Create your check-in site and QR code