Customized check-ins

About QRpon:

QRpon offers a new model for advertising in social networks - customized check-ins.

Proposed service QRpon lets businesses exchange some benefits (discounts, coupons, gifts) with the posts in the social networks (e.g. Facebook). For consumers it is a mobile service lets them physically check-in at venue and get coupons (discounts, gifts etc.) in exchange for that check-in.

Suppose we are standing on the business side. Then we can describe it so. QRpon offers a domain-specific CMS (content management system) that lets any business create a special mobile web site for check-ins. This web site lets users automatically, just after the confirmation of identity, post business-defined information on the Facebook's wall. In the exchange for this posting (action) mobile web site will show a confirmation for the benefits. E.g. coupon, discount info etc. In other words - anything that could be presented to the staff on the business side for claiming the benefits.

How to present this mobile site for the potential users? It is where QR-codes help us. CMS lets businesses create mobile web site as well as an appropriate QR-code. Because it is mobile web (HTML5) application there is no need for downloading. Just scan QR-code and get URL opened.

Automatically, this approach supports physical check-ins only. There is no way to mark you 'at this location' being actually nearby (based on GPS location) or even far away (via API). QR-code should be scanned, and it is a physical action that could be performed on-site only.

QRpon could be presented as physical "check-in" model where check-in records (marks) in the social network as well as the responses (badges) are fully customized.