QR code maker

mobile web accessible via QR codes
How does it work:
  • 1. Type your text (post a note) and get two things in the same time:

     a) mobile page (you will get a short URL)
     b) QR-code for it.

    You can even add (attach) some file (e.g. picture or video) right from your own computer, add discussions, show Like and Google+ buttons, convert phone numbers into click-to-call links and add on-the-fly mobile transcoder to links
  • 2. Publish this generated QR-code so the mobile users will be able to scan it
  • 3. As soon as the QR-code is scanned by the user, he/she will see your information right on the mobile

    • E.g.: quickly create your own information pages for the mobile users. No technical skills required. At all.

Your note:

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