How to create customized check-in

step by step illustrated guide

Customized check-in is your own mobile web page that lets mobile users check-in at your location. This service lets you create customized pages (define some welcome text, check-in record to be posted on user's wall as well as the confirmation page).

Mobile web page has got an initial screen (welcome phase, offer etc.) with Facebook Login and some response (confirmation). Just two pages. Mobile users will see your offer, login with Facebook (if your offer is good for them, of course :) and see confirmation page. During this process service places an appropriate record (check-in notice) on user's wall.

After all any business can create own "places" schema monetization for Facebook: ask visitors for check-in, get your own content published and reward users with gifts, discounts etc.

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1. Find location (place) you are interested in:

Fill the search box on the main page or directly run mashup with some query string.

2. Hit Custom check-in.

It is a link below the place's title. You will see a screen for creating your mobile page:

create mobile page

Actually, all fields are optional, but you can:

a) define your welcome text

create mobile page

it is a text (offerta, initial information, welcome note etc.) for your mobile page. E.g.:

Buy one pizza - get 1/2 for the second


b) define your check-in page.

create mobile page

You can set here a text and/or some link (URL) for publishing on user's wall after check-in. Describe your business, your location, your offering etc.

c) define your response (badge etc.)

create mobile page

It could be:

- confirmation page (user's profile + counter for visits). It is easy to show this confirmation page for your staff for example
- mobile map for your place. It is easy to bookmark your place on mobile for the future
- your own site (just some URL). You can develop your own badge

3. Hit Create page button

You will get a short link for your mobile web page as well as an appropriate QR-code. You can test your page right here using the generated link. Short link could be used in your mobile portals for example (some like 'Check-in here' action). QR-code could be printed and placed on physical objects. Btw, you can save image for QR-code and use it for your printing materials too.


Create customized check-in page for this location.
You can:
  • Set your text for check-in page. E.g. welcome notes, place descrption, why do we need to check-in, what do we get in exchange for that (gift, discount) etc. Any text to be placed on check-in page.
  • Set your own message for check-in record (to be printed on user's wall after check-in)
  • Set your own link (URL) for check-in record (to be printed on user's wall after check-in)
  • Describe what do to after check-in: show mobile map with null location, show user's profile as a confirmation or redirect user to your own URL (make sure it is mobile friendly)

You will get a mobile link for your check-in page created by this mashup. Use that page directly in your web sites (e.g. some like 'Check-in here' link) or present it via QR-code to real visitors.

By default application shows places in your local area. But you can see places (and prepare customized check-ins) for any geographical area.

You can directly run custom check-in creator:

Something else:

Check-ins without places. See QRpon mashup

Mobile identification card with your Facebook ID. See Mobile ID

Mobile version for FBPlaces: FrontPlace