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A new approach for the development of telecom services

We would like to share with you one interesting model for the use of the Open Source PBX Asterisk. To be more precise, the main idea is to use the Asterisk as a platform for the development of telecommunication services. With its open source software and API, the Asterisk can bring the development of telecommunication services down to a simpler process of Web programming thus considerably lowering "the entrance barrier" for those involving in the programming of new services.

We propose to integrate a new component (proxy) into the Asterisk platform. The main functionality of the proxy is to translate telecommunication calls into HTTP requests to external web services. Telecommunication services are located separately from the PBX, while the information they receive from Asterisk is presented as a HTTP-request.

Technically, HTTP GET/POST request is a request, in which external telecommunications service passed information about the subscriber's name - CallerIdName, caller’s number - CallerIdNumber and and called number - Extension. Upon receiving necessary parameters, such as (calling/called number) a web service produces and forwards its instructions to the proxy. The latter receives and translates them into Asterisk instructions. The development of such services under the architecture described above is similar to a conventional CGI-script, for which there is a plenty of programming tools. As a result a programmer doesn’t need to be familiar with the Asterisk API.

Originally this approach (map telecom events to HTTP) was developed by AbavaNet (D. Namiot) and used to map INAP and CSTA stuff into CGI requests.

A.Ustinov has done a first implementation for Astersik as his master thesis in Moscow State University. On practice it was used by Abava - telecom services for smart house (M.Sneps, Latvia)

The code and examples for Asterisk are available under the LGPL here.

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from Webhostinggeeks.com.

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  • Develop telecom services as ordinary CGI scripts
  • Bring web development skills into telecom world
  • No barriers for starting telecom development
  • Your own mobile services hosted anywhere on web
  • Open Source tool for telecom
  • Tell us how it was used in your projects