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wifi chat main screen Wi-Fi chat is a new approach for local communications in the mobile world. Wi-Fi proximity is a main idea behind Wi-Fi chat. If you and your potential pal can see at this moment the same Wi-Fi access point (Wi-Fi network) then it is very probable that you can see each other. In other words, it is very likely that you are close to each other. Close in the geographical sense, of course.

So, WiFiChat lets you create discussions (forums) as well as live web chats associated with Wi-Fi access points. It is yet another way to create hyper-local group messaging. You can download this application right from our site.

One hint. We are talking not only about public Wi-Fi networks. Actually, on the modern smart phones you can open Wi-Fi access right on the phone. For WiFi chat you do not need connect other people to your access point. It plays a role of presence sensor only. The name for your own Wi-Fi network is a hook (or place holder) for some forum and web chat.

Actually, WiFiChat is a side effect of our new system - Spot Expert. Spotex uses the ideas of proximity as a service and lets you define your own messages (data) associated with Wi-Fi access points. It is a context-aware browsing application where Wi-Fi access points (your own phone for example) define the context.

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