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T411 (411 service via Twitter) lets you deploy Twitter as a transport layer for your own services. You can create (or use) information server (servers) on the top of Twitter.

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This application lets any interested party (content provider) reserve some keywords and add automatic responses to tweets (and/or Direct Messages) with these keywords. This article in our blog explains the main idea behind 411 for Twitter mashup.

You can see above publicly available user-generated services (bots, data servers). To receive the current content of the above-mentioned services, do the following:

1. Follow to in your Twitter if you are going to use Direct Messages

2. Send a direct message with the keyword (see above) to or simply reply to (mention) @t411 with any of the above mentioned requests

3. Depends on your communication method you will get response either via Direct Message or via an ordinary reply.

Get help:   for clients*  |  for providers

Some publications:

Programming: Coldbeans | Twitter: @t411 | Blog: Coldtags suite | All mashups | Email: info AT servletsuite.com