Customized check-ins

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QRpon lets business completely customize check-in procedures: define an offer, check-in text (post) and badge (confirmation). It lets business ask clients check-in through the customized mobile web application and get reward for that. Lets consumers post links (data) in social network and get bonus for that.

Get coupons (bonuses, prizes etc.) right on your mobile just for telling your friends about it. Deliver coupons (bonuses) right to mobile users shared info about your business.

Bonus for link. On-site checkin for coupons. Links building in the real world.

For business. Ask visitors to endorse your business in the social networks and deliver bonuses (coupons, discounts) for them. Just a simple sequence of steps: create mobile web site with your offer, prepare QR code for it, put QR code on your desks, walls, product wrap etc. Ask users to scan QR code (check-in) in order to get confirmation for the reward. All the software you need is here. Details >>

For consumer. Just make sure you have QR code reading application on your phone (it is free for all mobile platforms). Scan QR code from your iPhone, Android etc., go to mobile web site, login to your social network and get confirmation (badge) screen from the provider. Details >>

Win-win case: business get social networks marketing, consumers get rewards.

By the way, QR-code on this page is alive. Try to scan it with your mobile and see QRpon in action.

Our paper described QRpon has been accepted for The Third International Conference on Advances in Future Internet. AFIN 2011. August 21-27, 2011 - French Riviera, Nice/Saint Laurent du Var, France. See our presentation

Our paper described customized check-ins has been accepted for The 4th conference on Smart Spaces ruSMART 2011 August 22-23, 2011 - St.Petersburg, Russia . See our presentation

Our paper described a new model for advertising in social networks has been accepted for 15th International Conference on Intelligence in Next Generation Networks. ICIN 2011 4-7 October 2011, Berlin, Germany. See our presentation