Mobile pages

preload your mobile phone with data bombs

A. Share your contact info. Do not ask your partners manually type your data in own address books. Let them quickly add your contact info with one click only
  • 1. Type your name and phone. Create a mobile page for sharing.
  • 2. For sharing your data just open the page in your mobile browser and send it by SMS (the link for sending is already there!) to your partner.
  • 3. He/she will be able to add your contact just with one click to your name/phone on the received page
  • 4. It is all!

Your name:

Your phone:

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B. Copy link to mobile
  • 1. Just a quick way to copy any long URL right to your mobile browser.
  • 2. Do not type links manually on your mobile keyboard or touch screen. Copy links via QR codes.
Your Link:

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Copy link   

C. Share link
  • 1. Create a shareable bookmark on your mobile.
  • 2. Share links by SMS
  • 3. Easy way for distributing your data over mobile world

Your Link:

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D. Send SMS
  • 1. Type and send long SMS right from here.
  • 2. Service Uses QR code for sending SMS

Text for SMS:

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E. Prepare a draft SMS
  • 1. Type (or copy/paste) text for a long SMS right here.
  • 2. Create draft SMS and get QR code for it
  • 3. Scan QR code and copy draft page to your mobile browser
  • 4. Bookmark this draft page in your mobile browser
  • 5. Open the bookmarked page and hit 'Send SMS' link on it
Text for SMS:

Create draft   

E. Create your own mobile web starting page
  • 1. Set links for your mobile page.
  • 2. Create mobile page and get QR code for it
  • 3. Scan QR code and open your page in the mobile browser
  • 4. Bookmark this page in your mobile browser

Your Link (web site or RSS feed):

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