Mobile ID card for Facebook

How does it work

Our service creates for you a mobile web page with your photo from Facebook profile and link to your Facebook profile. This web page could be presented as QR-code right on your mobile. Just show your phone to the target party for identity confirmation after scanning your QR-code.

1. Sign with your Facebook. This service will create a new card for you. You will get a mobile link for your card. Do not worry, we do not (actually even cannot) write on your wall :). Technically this service creates a new mobile web page that contains a photo (link to it) from your FB profile and link to your Facebook profile. It does not save your data outside of Facebook. It just provides yet another look (QR-code) for your own FB profile.

2. After the step 1 you will get a short link to your mobile site. Bookmark that link on your phone. You can directly type a short URL or load it via QR code

3. At the check-in point just open that URL from your mobile bookmark. It will show a QR code for your card. This code could be scanned right from your mobile. This service helps you to promote your profile between your friends and facebook network.

4. You can see step by step illustrated guide for the whole process here

Feel free to contact us when/if you need to customize this process. E.g. not only scan ID but record a note about it, save logs for scanning etc.


Your card
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